Safety and Productivity Consulting

Commercial Lease Services can help you improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and your employee’s time away from work through the integration of our health related services and absence management programs. The integrated management of health and injury risks, chronic illness, and disability reduces total health-related costs including medical expenses, unnecessary absence from work, and lost performance at work.

Collaborate with our team to develop an integrated approach that addresses the entire spectrum of employee health needs like condition management, improving lifestyle behaviors, health assessment, behavioral health issues, disability and leave management, and effective management of workers’ compensation to improve productivity in an organized and cost-effective manner.

Safety and Productivity Solutions


The productivity of your team is important culturally and your business success. Our consultants at Commercial Lease Services work diligently to keep you in the know and completely compliant with regulations.

Our expertise of safety and productivity include:

  • Absence Management
  • Workers Compensation
  • Customer-specific written work rules
  • Customized safety award programs

  • Employee assistance programs
  • Employer health services
  • Health and wellness management
  • Background checks

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